What you get (and what you don’t get)

barwen.ch provides very low capacity shell accounts.

You get:

  • storage: 500 megabytes per user
  • network: 500 megabytes of data transfer per month (burstable and averaged over the whole month)
  • cpu: you can’t hog the CPU… but there is usually plenty to go around if you’re just running daemons and interactive processes

You can use it if you want to keep a screen session with chat clients, or ping hosts, or run small robots and daemons and cron jobs and CGIs, or plot mrtg graphs, or host a small blog, or … whatever …

Some of the services, protocols and programs available on barwen.ch:

  • ssh – including tunnelling and alternative ways to connect
  • email (inbound and outbound)
  • secondary DNS hosting
  • webserver – including cgi-bin, PHP and virtual hosts
  • ipv6 – including one personal vhost IPv6 address per user
  • eggdrop IRC bot
  • web-based terminal access

What you don’t get:

  • attentive and prompt technical support
  • anything like the capacity you’d get on your own VPS
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