project: bitcoin will accept payment by bitcoin, at Intersango market rate.

We ask for paypal as an initial payment, even if subsequent payments are with bitcoin. This is to get get some vague verification of identity when someone subscribes – that’s enough verification for paypal, so it’ll do for me. It is better than nothing, even though its far from watertight. What’s a good way to do that without paypal, I wonder? (the main reason I want this is so that if there’s an abuse complaint, I want to be able to have an onward path for investigating).

One user ran a bitcoind for a while. However, it turns out bitcoind is too big to run in an account – it was using far too much bandwidth (by a factor of about 10) compared to what is allowed for a single user account (and memory, but that is less of a problem for me). Its a shame its so intensive because it was a cool thing to be running.

Another user is running a bitcoin exchange as a CGI – that uses much less CPU (presumably because no bitcoind in use – locally – perhaps there is one elsewhere? )

(a few historical exchange rates: until 8th June 2011, 1 BTC = 1 USD; until 22nd June 2011, 1 BTC = 20 USD; from 22nd June 2011, 1 BTC = 10 USD)

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