connecting to

The simple way (from unix)


From windows

Here are some instructions on how to install and configure ssh software for Windows.

When ssh is blocked?

I often find difficulty in connecting to SSH ports when on random networks. Maybe you will to. So the following additional options are available:

Problem: port 22 is blocked

The s0 ssh server also listens on port 2222.

ssh -p 2222

Security Note: you should be a more careful about host keys that you get through that port. If the ssh server is down (even momentarily), then arbitrary
users can run their own servers on that port and intercept your connections. That’s what host keys are designed to protect against. Use them.

I can only make http connections

You can make a CONNECT tunnel into

ssh -o 'ProxyCommand nc -X connect -x localhost 22'

I can only make http connections, and those connections are forced through a local proxy

You can make multi-hop proxy connections. It gets a bit ugly. See this blog posting.

I can tunnel ipv6 but there are restrictions on ipv4

s0 listens on ipv6. You can force IPv6 connections:

ssh -6

I don’t even have an ssh client!

There’s an experimental shell-in-browser system using shellinabox. To activate it,go to, sign in with the Google or OpenID account that you want to use.

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